Valuation, financing, investment

Valuation, financing, investment

Proactively safeguarding your business

Creating financial security before it's needed

Financing a company well is not something to be taken for granted. In good times the procurement of external financing is, as a general rule, easy. In addition, the conditions are favourable. Whether the financing of a company is really good is shown when it is urgently needed: in uncertain times. Often defects in the financing structure and the financing and security agreements then catch up with the companies.

Proactively shaping financial structures

The demands made on financing change with the situations a company passes through. Acqui-sitions, restructuring or growth investments usually cannot be covered from current cash-flow.

Here appropriate financing schemes are needed with regard to maturities and repayment struc-tures which, on the one hand, make the entrepreneurial project possible, and on the other hand satisfy the security interests of the banks providing financing.

Our consulting services – your advantage

Our financing experts will be pleased to place their expertise concerning financing structures, fi-nancing products, market participants and negotiating situations at your disposal in order to secure the success of financing and hence your entrepreneurial goals.